Benefits to Business

UKBA is not a franchise, nor do we produce big plans then walk away leaving you to do something with them. Our Advisors run their own companies themselves. Plus we all regularly work with business owners and managers, so we have direct experience of what your life is like.

Action based plan

Our start point is to listen and ask questions to get a thorough understanding of your business and your goals, and then we put together a custom-designed, action based, time lined and measurable plan to achieve results. Because we are practical we don’t just give you the theory, but guide you through the action to take too. Our hands-on approach means we can take the work off your hands as well and carry out the implementation.

Realistic approach

What’s more we are realistic so we won’t suggest you take on new staff unless your cash flow can stand extra salaries, and we will advise you on the likelihood and practicalities of getting a bank loan. Our Advisors are based all over the UK. Use a location or skill search to find one close to you, or see the list of local advisors.

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