Manufacturing Growth Programme

Need some “hands on” help to turn things around and deliver solid, permanent, profitable growth?

How about a short, no obligation, confidential, friendly chat to see how we can help?

We are a group of highly experienced business advisors and manufacturing consultants that specialise in providing just the growth you’re looking for, day in day out,  helping businesses just like yours – we review, analyse, correct, plan, focus and deliver profitable growth.

A short, confidential meeting with a highly professional advisor will cost you nothing but it may just be the start of a journey that makes a huge difference to the profits you make, your work load and the value of your business.  Better still it will deliver an organised structure to the Company that will give a peace of mind to ensure you begin to enjoy being involved all over again and recover the enthusiasm you felt when you began the business.

First step would be an in depth analysis of your business which would reveal exactly where the weak points are, what strengths you have to build on, and how together we can deliver the growth your efforts deserve.


Problems include:


  • Business doing OK but not performing as well as it should?
  • No matter how hard you work you can’t make any progress?
  • No matter what you try, things don’t improve?
  • You know what needs doing but you don’t have time to do it?
  • You’d like to sell up but you know the business could be worth so much more!
  • Under pressure to spend more time with the family?
  • Ready to retire but need more value in your business?

What do we do and how do we do it?

  • Use analytic tools to reveal a full assessment of business.
  • Identify opportunities & USP's.
  • Develop growth plan including a full sales & marketing strategy.
  • Hands-on implementation, management and control of activities.

How long does it take and how much does it cost?

That depends on how big the challenges are and how long we need to work together to achieve your targets, but after the first consultation we will provide a full report and cost assessment before proceeding.

Some clients need just a little guidance and quickly find all the success they want, others need more time. Many are that pleased to have consistent growth and a safe pair of hands in control they engage us long term.

Finally we only commit to working with you when we are sure the cost of our services will be repaid many times over and we don’t just advise you what needs doing, we work alongside you, hands-on until, together, we get it right.

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