How to "uncomplicate" marketing

Marketing? Not to be overcomplicated.

The theory behind marketing introduces all sorts of ‘principles’, ‘rules’ and ‘guidelines’. There are so many marketing “guru’s” out there, all with their own definition of the subject.

For a bit of fun, why not ‘GOOGLE’ “Philip Kotler” and “Definition of Marketing”.  Try similar with “Tom Peters”. There is lots of valuable information that will appear on your computer, but how much can you really use? And why do many marketing Guru’s complicate matters with wordy and obtuse definitions?

Marketing MUST be carried out with current and future sales in mind. If a ‘so called’ marketing activity does not have business growth outputs then it should be dropped.

Put simply marketing should be: “Creating the conditions to making selling easier”. Hopefully we can ALL remember this definition.

So, if you are 100% dedicated to marketing, or you spend only part of your working time on marketing activity, question yourself : “will this activity create conditions to make selling easier?” And if the answer is no, then move onto something that meets our simple definition.

Happy Marketing!