>Maximise Your Human Resources


One of the most valuable resource in any business is it’s people but ensuring that they achieve their full potential and remain motivated can be a challenge!

There are many tools out there to help – psychometric testing, assessments, team building, performance management ……. the list goes on and on. But sometimes they are not easily accessible and can be very expensive. We are working with a new tool called Packtypes which is quick, effective and fun! It is highly interactive and cost effective for all organisations, but particularly for SME’s.

Packtypes takes the pyschology which underpins the most respected performance improvement tools, removed the complexity and academic jargon, and replaced it with a smart set of cards featuring 8 self explanatory and highly memorable Packtypes.


• Packtypes impacts every aspect of an individual’s life and performance both at home and at work.
• It is smart, fast, tactile, visual, intuitive, emotionally engaging and therapeutic.
• It explains communication, understanding, respect, trust and relationships.
• It builds self-awareness, self-confidence and self-esteem.
• It helps people and teams take control of their own destiny and drive their own success.
• It provides a common framework and language to unite whole organizations around one agreed vision and principles.

Packtypes helps develops the personal awareness, winning attitudes and team skills individuals and teams need to succeed. It also provides the perfect platform for effective performance management and talent development. A Packtypes programme can target many areas such as Team Dynamics, Succession Planning, Leadershiop Development and Recruitment.

The possibilities are endless…
…..What will you do with it?

To help you get the most from your team or for further information contact Deb Herbert at deb.herbert@sgba.co.uk or Geofrey Steward at geofrey.steward@sgba.co.uk