>The SGBA goes Global….


Most business commentators and leaders believe that exports are the key to creating a bouyant economy from the recent troubled times.
The SGBA are assisting business expand horizons, key to bringing the economy out of recession.
“Our relationships with people on the ground in France, India and USA are first class, and we can assist all types of business with upfront research, and laying the business foundations with local people” says Ian Thomas.
He goes on to say, “we are creating all sorts of opportunities, both outward and inward. As UKT&I have to deal with surpressed budgets, the services we offer will become invaluable. And we are not just limited to three countries!”
No matter whether you want to appoint an agent, a distributor, invest in a subsidiary, get a joint venture moving, or sell a license or franchise, the SGBA are now fully prepared to deliver value and growth opportunity.
Market research, premises search, personnel selection, local laws, licenses, the list goes on…… most costly and time consuming for business Directors.