Who We Are

NGBA (Northern Group Business Advisors)   We are a team of highly experienced  business advisors and manufacturing consultants with a mission to support manufacturing and engineering SME businesses across the North West to become successful leaders in their field.   We work together with you to identify opportunities and create plans for growth enabling sustainable business improvement.

We have qualifications gained with leading institutes and business organisations including Accreditation with the Institute for Independent Business.

We have local business advisors ready to help you achieve your goals with...

If you are looking for help and support with a business area that is not listed above, please contact us


Strictly ethical and realistic

We operate under a strict code of ethics so you can be sure that all our help and advice will be directed to what you and your business needs, nothing more. Plus we are realistic and know your time is in short supply so we don’t use jargon, caveats or have lengthy legal terms and conditions.

Achieve your business goals

Every pound you spend with an NGBA Advisor will move you towards achieving your business goals. UKBA is UK-wide so there will be a Group near you; have at look at the UKBA local groups where you’ll find profiles of the members to see just how experienced we are or use a location or skill search to find your local advisor, give us a call or drop us an email to talk about precisely how we can help you.

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